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What to expect as a Musician

Our Ministry is important in providing the real atmosphere for worship with a certain perspective about quality as an incentive to strive for continuing excellence.

Therefore when you apply as a musician for this choir you will have to at least be educated in this area or somehow have general information and interest in the art music either playing by ear or reading.

The Holy Spirit is very much involved in our worship services/concerts and so a spiritual lifestyle is very much expected of your for your personal ministry

For future students who will grace our rehearsal halls, classrooms, and studios, we will seek students, at all levels, who are dedicated to achieving the best for themselves in their ministerial preparation. We seek students who will contribute to the rich and diverse musical environment around the world and also appreciate the vision for this ministry. 

For more articles on how to Maximize your Musicianship

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Online Fillable Application Form
What are you applying for
I can teach an Instrument
First name:
Last name:
Email address:
Address 1:
Address 2:
Zip code:
How do you discribe your Health Condition
Marital Status
Are you currently employed
Name of Organization
Business Phone
What are your responsibilities
Name of the school Last attented
Name of Parent/Guardian
Grade Level attained
Are you fluent in english?
Explain briefly your Christian experience
I have training in missions
I don't have an training in missions at all
I'm currently under going training in missions
I read music very well
I read music fairly well
I only play by ear

You can either fill this form and submit it online or print it out and mail it to the us at the address below.



Army of Praise Ministries - auditions
217 Niagara St.
St. Catharines
ON L2M 4V3 Canada
Tel: 905 937 9865