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Ministry in Wales (United Kingdom)






This is a non-governmental non-profit making music organization aiming at improving the social and spiritual status of the community. Founded in 1994 it made it's first appearance on the ministry scene On July 27th 1995 in Mombassa Kenya and since then has been and is still working with various Church organizations around the world. Our vision; is to train musicians in the area of ministry and also rise up and mentor worship leaders who are called to lead the people. Our Main Objectives are: To expand the Knowledge of God through praise and worship and apply it to people's lives ensuring spiritual and personal growth To establish branches in Africa and world wide to serve as our contacts in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ To educate musicians and worship leaders to be self reliant in development towards life and ministry

The Artists of Praise in Action

The Artists of Praise is interested in conducting worship seminars, conferences, concert performances and training of your chior, if you so desire to have them in your Church. For booking and Contact information please contact Minister Phoebe Opio at: - 254 - 20 - 676 - 5763 (For East-African Region Only) or Minister Winyi at 905 646 0364 (For United States and Canada Only)


Ministry in Nairobi, Kenya (East-Africa)

army of praise ministries

army of praise ministries

army of praise ministries


army of praise ministries