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The Faculty

Dear Friend

Are you involved with the worship ministry of your Church? Leading worship with a praise team? Or are you thinking starting a contemporary worship Ministry at your Church? Maybe you like worshiping God? Then Army of Praise School of Worship is just for you. This School is designed to help students fullfil their God given calling in Biblical Worship while doing their musical projects as part of the program. Students are encouraged to join on a mandatory basis the aop choir for better grades at the end of their one-year Certificate. The school choir aims at registering at least 100 students each year that forms a shool mass choir. They organize concerts, tours, and Conferences as part of their internship training. By the end of your One-year here at Army of Praise school of worship you, as a student will have learnt how to run a small and large-scale conference program and also the most essential foundational dynamics of Ministry. We also recruit non-students to the Choir to assist us in various areas of music.


To teach and train leaders in all capacities to be effective in their area of ministry calling., To rise up Worship Leaders who will be well seasoned and tested to carry out God's mandate for the global vision of this ministry. To rise up an army of praise leaders who will be able to ease the work that God has laid upon this ministry. To equip the entire body of Christ in Missionary work/worship and praise so to add spiritual and physical health to the already existing work being done. To seek affiliation with other Bible and Secular institutions to create a high standard of Christian education in this region in an effort to produce good and godly leaders.

1. During the school course students are taken on missions to minister in their area of calling 2. Annual Worship Explosion (A.W.E), Conferences have been put in place annually to give the students an opportunity to exercise their knowledge. 3. Other outreach programs include 4. House to house Evangelism 5. Street evangelism 6. Prisons visitation and ministry 7. Involvement in their respective churches.


The purpose for your time at this Institute is to equip you to minister effectively in the area of your calling and raise you to be an effective Leader in Missions/Worship Ministry. Everything we teach and do has this ultimate end result in mind, to make you an effective, well-rounded and seasoned leader. To facilitate this vision lectures are via video screen from accredited ministers of the gospel from around the world. Minister Patrick W. Businge "The President of the School" will also be taking you through some courses.


  1. Faith
  2. Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  3. Identification with Christ
  4. Old Testament survey
  5. Ministry Gifts
  6. FCD 1
  7. Pastoral Epistles
  8. Book of James
  9. Worship a lifestyle
  10. Principles of prayer
  11. Leadership 1
  12. End time Prophecy
  13. Book of Romans
  14. Biblical Counseling
  15. New Testament survey
  16. Motivational gifts
  17. FCD II
  18. Revivalists and Reformers
  19. Spiritual-warfare.
  20. Leadership 11
  21. Leadership 111
  22. Christian Family
  23. Healing of the Wounded Soul
  24. Apologetics