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Welcome to the official website of Artists of praise School of Worship (AFRICA). We believe that your life will be inspired into your next level in your walk with God. God as a master creator has never created one vain person. There's destiny locked within you and the Lord is about to unlock it. As you navigate this site I believe that you will find the necessary information you are looking for, to help you make a decision toward becoming a student here at the School of Worship. More information is available through our dedicated staff that is ready to answer your question, if you would to call.


Minister Winyi P. Businge has truly excelled in his spiritual, church, social and business life since the age of 18 when he came to the Lord. He has been fully committed in church related activities through numerous departments such as praise and worship leading, choir directing, TV. Productions, Christian education facilitation, and has brought in many creative ideas in the Christian circle. He is very knowledgeable in the area of management and shows good capabilities in administration business. He is punctual, accurate, most willing and quick to grasp new ideas. He is steady, cooperative and faithful in what ever area he heads.


In the 2000 God laid upon his heart to move into another dimension of ministry besides what he had been doing since being called in ministry a couple of years ago, of opening a training center for musically inclined missionaries.

He pioneered the Artists of Praise Ministries as a non denominational worship team going on numerous mission trips around the world, since 1995. Now Army of Praise Worship team has developed into a training center for people who desire to gain more training ministry as musicians. Thus Artists of Praise School of Worship has been birthed.

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We are excited about your interest in being trained to become an end-time seasoned Minister and Worship leader, well equipped in the word of God. 2Tim 2:15 Says, "Study to shew your self approved unto God, a work man that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth"